The WDW KINGDOMCAST is a uncensored, unofficial Walt Disney World resort podcast started by a few dudes that got tired of the same old run of the mill, pixie dust snorting, happy go lucky, lets give Mickey a handy podcast. Don't get us wrong, we are all totally obsessed with WDW and are extreme fans of the parks, but we are also not afraid to voice our opinions (very open/crudely) on what we think is suckin balls and needs to be taken care of around the resort. The show is not meant to bash the parks, we praise WDW and WDI for many great additions and classic attractions that exist or have been added over the last 40+ years. But lets face the reality, there has been some really WTF moments over the last 15 year that just make ya wonder "the fuck?".

We take an open uncensored approach to our show because why the fuck wouldn't we? Why should we censor ourselves? No one is paying us and we are definitely not speaking on be-half of Disney Parks or the Disney company obviously. The average guest is entitled to their opinions and we encourage fans to voice theirs in our facebook group page or by emailing us at or by coming on the show (we have fans on all the time). We are surprised at how many other fans out there felt the same way! Ove the last 2+ years the community of non pixie snorting fans has really come together! Believe it or not some of the biggest WDW fans are not your average family with a few kids, ya  know the kind of crowd that WDW caters to (and for good reason they are in the business of making money and we all get that). But there is also a large group of people that know WDW is not just for kids. To us it's a place that takes you back to your childhood were nothing seems to matter in the world and everything is (almost) perfect. A group of people that are interested in how the magic is made and enjoy the adult offerings around the resorts (drinking around the world/dining) and want to see behind the curtains of the place they have loved coming to for so many years. It is all of our homes, so needless to say when something is fucked with/destroyed/or added that is way out of place (cough Avatardland) we feel talking openly about it gets the message across.

The point is that if you want a podcast that praises every little thing the Disney company does, move along. We mostly only cover Walt Disney World as this is our passion. Why all the foul language and vulgarity? (note that the show is clearly marked with an [EXPLICIT] warning as well as an opening show disclaimer) we think of our show this way; the hosts are sitting at a bar hammerin some beers and happen to all love WDW so we go off on drunkin rants and don't hold back on how we feel. Why should anyone? What can I say? It's a pirates life for us, savy?