November 21, 2013

Gary’s Club Cool Review

Recently I visited EPCOT and tried out the six new soft-drink flavors now available at "Club Cool" in Future World. Its sad to see some old flavors go such as "Mezzo Mix" and... well that's about it in my opinion. The previous flavors that have been replaced have long over stayed their welcome and Club Cool was due for a change. I believe that flavors should constantly be changed out on a yearly basis to keep it fresh There is no shortage of flavors under the Coca-Cola brand from around the world to sample. I think Club Cool should be a test market for new flavors that have yet to hit the market for not only the United States, but abroad as well. "That's what they call progress, dear" Anyway, here is my review of the new flavors now offered:

Fanta Pineapple: Pineapple to me does not make a great soda. It taste like a half assed dollar store knock off type soda. Way to sweet and kinda tangy -=BEAT=-

Fanta (Melon Frosty): not much to say about this second offered flavor of Fanta. A really sweet watermelon flavor, nothing special. I like Fanta orange but these two flavors offered at Club Cool are hurtin. This flavor will probably be popular with the chicken nugget and pizza buffet type people and kids. wait...    -=BEAT=-

Bibo: This one was surprisingly good! The mixture of kiwi and mango doesn't sound like anything special, but the flavors mix well. I would probably say this is the best one of them all. Not too sweet, not too bland. -=The Tits=-

Spar-letta Sparberry: It's different in a bad way. Orange cream soda is bangin and after tasting this I guess I know why now. it seeems that orange and cream kinda go together as rasberry and cream don't, at least how this was mixed. -=BEAT=-

Inca Kola: I heard on the internets that this one was most likely going to be the shit over the rest from some cats that have tried it before, and I was let down. It taste like liquid bubble gum but not as sweet. There was previously a flavor that already accomplished this "Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica". Maybe I just expected too much. -=meh=-

Guarana Kuat: Smells like ass, taste like Bawls (another guarana drink) What it lacks in aroma it makes up for somewhat in taste. This drink is like a sweeter 7-UP but better with one problem, it smells like ass sweat with a hint of poison ivy . -=meh=-

Vegibeta and Beverly: same old shit here. The new Beverly logo is a fuckin hurtin unit, but all is not lost, most will not remember the name thus giving you the chance to dup people with it all over again!

It is a refreshing change to try something new and I am sure, as missed as the old flavors may be, guest have had their fill of those. Everyone will respond different ways to each flavor and reviews will always vary. There is no definitive flavor that sucks all around like Beverley, or that is so good it trumps the rest. In my opinion Bibo was the best overall, but I'd take an ice cold Coca-Cola over any of these any day of the week. 

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